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SHAREaLOOK’s Sustainable Gift Guide!

Zero Waste Gift-giving Holidays

Inspired by SHAREaLOOK

2020 has almost come to an end, nevertheless we still have to leave behind the stressful gift-giving holiday season and the mass overconsumption and waste that comes with it...

To inspire you concerning your gift options, we came up with a Zero Waste Gift Guide, so that you enter the new year guilt-free, more conscious, harmless to the environment, the people and your wallet, as well!

Option 1 (for new families)

Very first gift for her/his very first steps!

Get a #rentalbabyfashion Box form oioioibaby.ch

One thing for which we are grateful this year is our partnership with Bellen & Anne, two ambitious entrepreneurs that trusted us to share their passion for a more sustainable baby clothing market. Babies grow just so fast! Isn’t it such a pity to buy expensive baby sets and wasting it after one month, when you can rent a box with a combo of sets, shoes & accessories, all made with organic cotton, all meant to return to the startup without a pinch of waste? That’s a smart circular model and the most convenient present you can do to a new mommy! 


Christmas present for babies in Zurich - Box from oioioibaby.ch


Option 2

Walk-in Closet Sponsorship

Support a local association by sharing their vision with your friends and family

If you already like the idea of Clothing Swaps, this is going to be your favorite gift-to-make! At last you have the opportunity to invite your friends in the world of sustainable fashion and the Swiss swapping community by making them patrons of Walk-in Closet’s vision, which is offering an alternative to normal outlets: swapping, not shopping. Let them know more by sending them this voucher per e-mail!


Walk-in closet Gönnerschaft - slow fashion gift Zurich


Option 3

SHAREaLOOK’s Holiday Box or Membership!

Enjoy your Holidays in a velvet gown, a shimmery set or four more festive outfits! Show some self-love!

Think about it… How is 2021 going to be any different if it finds you in PJs??? Make a gift to yourself, even if you stay at home with one, two or three people. Lend and share your outfits during these Holidays by gifting a 60CHF Gift Box to yourself, your mum, your best friend, your boyfriend. Imagine being at home wearing a D&G dress and some Swarovski treasures… We think you deserve this experience after a hard year of restrictions, so treat yourself!


sharealook gift box - sustainable gift Zurich




SHAREaLOOK's Holidays offer: Gift Box 60CHF for 5 festive outfits
To keep from 23.12.2020 till 04.01.2021